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Let us show you a stress free, knowledgable and honest approach to buying and selling!

Contact us to see how buying and/or selling can be a better experience.

Who We Are

RV Finders offers a wide array of options to buy and/or sell your dream RV. We offer a personalized, hands-on approach and provide pre-inspection checklists and full market evaluations on every Motorhome we offer for sale. We're a full-service brokerage handling all you'r needs from start to finish including:

advertising your RV for sale

finding your next RV,

finance/ insurance



transportation services (available)

Become a part of the RV Finders Family and join us on getaways various locations, dinner/happy hour cruises, and so much more!

Meet the Owners!!

Capt Kevin Graffagnino 631-926-4753

Being a boater my whole life and owning a Boat brokerage Company my passion for RV'ing is fairly new and growing fast. We purchased our first RV, a 2019 30 Thor Windsport. My family and I enjoy it so much we bought an RV plot in Hilton Head SC and I decided to dive right into the Motor Home market by starting my own RV Brokerage business. I am looking forward to the same explosive growth we enjoyed with the Yacht side of the business as it challenges me to learn more every day. I am looking forward to helping you and your family live your dream, I welcome any customer to contact me any time!!

Bruce Parker 631-806-2751

“Over the years, my wife and I have had a passion for Boats, RV's and the traveling lifestyle, sharing that love with our children as well. After 30 years in the automotive field, I switched to the industry I truly love – Boats and RV'ing.

Now over 18 years later, and hundreds of happy clients, I have moved on to have my own company. After launching our Boat Brokerage business Yacht Finders in 2019, I am excited to work with Kevin launching RV Finders so that we can help hundreds more either sell or buy an RV with ease.

I have an excellent reputation in the industry and work well with all RV Brokers and dealers on Long Island as well as throughout the rest of the country. I look forward to working with you through the process of buying or selling your RV with professional skills.” 

Mission Statement

Here at RV Finders we strive to make sure you'r buying and/or selling experience is beyond your expectations through an honest and trustworthy approach that makes sense to all involved. We will put the fun back into buying or selling your dream RV!!!

Every RV we offer for sale will have a Pre Sale Checklist in the listing. It will identify condition of the vehicle as well as systems that were checked for proper function. Pictures are taken and the if the RV passes our condition criteria it will be listed, If not we will ask the owner if he plans on bringing the vehicle up to RV Finders "FOR SALE" condition. We will then determine how the listing and the report will be presented to YOU, the public!!

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